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Bidders List

RTD maintains a list of businesses and vendors interested in doing business with us. RTD buyers often contact these companies directly to request bids.

Increase your business opportunities by getting on our bidders list

Application items for SBE certification

Both the SBE Certification Application form and Personal Financial Statement form must be submitted to apply for or renew SBE certification. Applications submitted without the Personal Financial Statement will be returned.

The Bid Code Addition/Removal form should be submitted when requesting a change to bid codes for an existing SBE certification.

Bid Code Addition/Removal Form

The Change/No Change Affidavit form should be submitted annually and/or in the event of any changes to organizational structure and contact information.

Change/No Change Affidavit

Prime and subcontractor payment forms

Form E reports payments to DBE/SBE subcontractors and must be submitted monthly by prime contractors.

Form E

Form E2 reports payments received from prime contractors and must be submitted DBE/SBE contractors.

Form E2