West Rail Line

Facts & figures

West rail line facts

  • Length (miles): 12.1
  • Vehicle Type: Light Rail
  • Stations: 12
  • Parking: 4,959 parking spaces
  • Frequency of Service:
    • Denver to Federal Center: 7.5 min (peak)/15 min (off-peak)
    • Federal Center to Jefferson County Government Center: 15 min (peak and off-peak)



  • Average weekday boardings: 13,294
  • Annual boardings: 4,454,061

West rail line at a glance

  • The West Rail Line is part of RTD’s 2004 voter-approved FasTracks plan to expand transit service across the Denver metro region.
  • The West Rail Line is the first light rail line to open under the FasTracks program.
  • The 12.1-mile light rail transit system extends from Denver’s Union Station to Jefferson County Government Center, traversing through Denver, Lakewood and Golden.
  • There are 11 stations along the line: six with parking (Decatur • Federal, Sheridan, Lakewood • Wadsworth, Oak, Federal Center and Jefferson County Government Center • Golden); and six walkup/Kiss-n-Ride stations (Auraria West, Knox, Perry, Lamar, Garrison and Red Rocks College).

Project overview

  • Construction elements included: 20 at-grade crossings, 10 light rail bridges, three street bridge reconstructions, three pedestrian bridges, two light rail tunnels, one pedestrian tunnel and 4.26 miles of bike paths.
  • RTD’s West Line construction added more than $300 million to the local economy.
  • At the height of construction, employee numbers reached more than 600 people. More than 85 percent were hired locally.
  • West Rail Line contractors directly conducted business with more than 600 businesses/vendors, 94 percent were local.
  • 2013: The West Rail Line opened eight months ahead of schedule on April 26.
  • 2014: Art installations on the West Rail Line were finalized for eight separate commissions at Knox, Perry, Lamar, Oak, Federal Center, Red Rocks and Jefferson County Government Center • Golden stations; 34 relay houses along the West Rail Line were wrapped with artists designs.

West rail line map

FasTracks West Light Rail Line Map

Updated March 2018