Reducing the cost of your commute

FlexPass is an annual pass program that can be customized to meet the needs of the employer and employees. The program's flexible nature enables employees to choose their service level, vary passes from month-to-month, and enter or leave the program at any time.

Your options

Choose to have your employees pay for their FlexPasses, or explore our discount programs.

  1. Matching discount:
    If your business decides to subsidize a portion of FlexPass, RTD will match that amount up to 10%, with the savings passed on to the employee.
  2. Pre-tax discount:
    If your business offers FlexPass on a pre-tax basis, RTD will provide a 5% discount on every pass.
  3. Quantity discount:
    If your business purchases at least 200 passes per month on average, RTD will provide a 5% discount on every pass.

Manage your FlexPass account

How FlexPass works

  • RTD will work with your company to select and price the plan that fits you best.
  • An employer will sign a revolving contract.
  • Some or all of your employees may participate.
  • Passes are mailed to employee or business prior to the month of usage.

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More options for corporations

Employer Pass Outlet Program

We'll train you to create an on-site "RTD sales office" where employees can purchase passes and ticket books. We will deliver them to you each month and you will only be billed for the fare products you have sold.

Transit Vouchers

RTD Transit Vouchers are an excellent way to assist your employees with their commuting needs. Employers can purchase transit vouchers from our approved partner companies: Commuter Check, TranBen, Transit Center, or WageWorks. Vouchers will arrive within two weeks and employees may redeem them at any RTD sales outlet, including King Soopers and Safeway stores.