Operators of the Month

Bus and rail operators who have gone above and beyond

September 2018:
Larry Malin

At RTD, we’re committed to the highest standards in public transit. From bus and rail, providing our customers with the best possible service is our priority. Each month we highlight an operator of bus or rail for their exceptional customer service. This month we would like to share a couple of commendations for the great work of one of our security officer’s, Larry Malin.

September 2018 Larry Malin

Lindsay said:

“On back-to-back Fridays, I witnessed Security Guard Malin tactfully and effectively address two situations with passengers who ultimately needed to be escorted off of the A Line. He diplomatically removed both passengers and managed to do so without allowing the passengers to cause a scene. I’m not sure how he did it because the trains were otherwise quiet and neither passenger wanted to get off the train. In one of the incidents, when Malin apologized to me for someone else’s behavior, I thought that was real class. Witnessing these events, or even just one of them by itself, made me proud to be an RTD employee, because I get to work for a company that has excellent employees such as Malin who are dedicated to their work, ensure safety and the well-being of other passengers, treat people fairly, and enforce rules. The A Line and RTD are lucky to have him.”

Amanda said:

“Officer Malin had to deal with a very rude and unruly passenger. He asked the man nicely to take his feet off the seat and the man started getting loud and vulgar. Officer Malin quickly took control of the situation and I really appreciate the way he handled it. I’ve seen him have to deal with situations similar to this before and he’s always very professional and quick on his feet with what could easily get out of hand. I wanted to pass along how grateful I am to have Officer Malin on the routes I take. Thank you!!”

After receiving the commendations, we wanted to know more about Larry, and he graciously agreed to answer a few of our questions.

How long have you worked for RTD?
I’ve been working security with RTD for about 2 ½ years – since the University of Colorado A Line.
What were you in a previous life?
I’m retired military – Air Force of course for 22 years, and then I was a safety officer before coming to RTD.
What do you like best about your job?
The people, they’re interesting. You meet all kinds of people with different backgrounds, jobs, etc. and they’re interesting to talk to.
If you could listen to music while working, what type?
Easy listening and country.
If you could change your uniform color, what color or does brown/gray go with your eyes?
I’m colorblind so color really doesn’t matter to me, but in the summer it would be nice if the uniforms were a little lighter material.
What are your favorite hobbies or activities?
I like to play golf, read, exercise and take long walks with my wife and dogs.

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