Operator of the Month

Bus and light rail operators who have gone above and beyond

March 2017:
Operators of Routes 15 & 15L

At RTD, we’re committed to the highest standards in public transit. From bus to rail, providing our customers with the best possible service is our priority. Each month RTD highlights an operator of bus or rail for their exceptional customer service. This month we would like to share commendations for the great work of our route 15 and 15L drivers from students a local elementary school.

Lucy wrote:
“I really appreciate your efficient and safe way to travel. Your buses allow us to go on one field trip per month. We don't have to walk a long way to get to the bus stop. You are so inviting, even when up to 90 noisy, crazy and jittery kids get on your bus. Your kindness and flexibility iz amazing.”

March 2017 - Route 15 Operator Letters

Elijah wrote:
“Thank you for your amazing service and awesome attitude. You have driven us to multiple field trips every year. Your service is always cheaper than a school bus and I think it is better than any other form of school transportation. You are always nice and let our WHOLE CLASS get on the bus. You guys are awesome. Keep it up and keep rolling.”
Brock wrote:
“Thank you for giving me a clean safe trip to and from my school. Without the RTD bus I couldn't get home most days. Not only do you get me places you do it with a smile and you are very helpful. You also let us have money to go on multiple field trips and if I miss my bus I only have to wait 10-20 minutes until another one comes.”
Taylor wrote:
“Thank you for getting us to the Art Museum, symphony, Clyfford Still Museum, and to future field trips. You are friendly, helpful and you let on 90 students. ... You helped us practice social intelligence and you are efficient and safe!”