Operator of the Month

Bus and light rail operators who have gone above and beyond

June 2017:
Our Commitment to Our Passengers

At RTD, we’re committed to the highest standards in public transit. From bus and rail, to the Free MallRide, Free MetroRide and specialty services, providing our customers with the best-possible service is our priority. Each month we highlight an operator of bus or rail for their exceptional customer service. This month we would like to feature commendations that reflect our commitment to our passengers.

June 2017 - Commitment to Passengers

Penelope wrote:
“A mentally ill man got onto the tracks at the Colorado Station, and both the northbound F train and the southbound E train managed to stop in time, with the E train halting only a few yards from where the man stood. Had those drivers been inattentive -- especially the E train engineer -- the guy on the tracks would have been killed in a most horrible way. The E Line engineer’s reaction was particularly remarkable, since the person on the tracks would not have been visible until the train rounded the corner just west of the station -- so the engineer very likely had mere seconds to react. I didn’t see the guy on the tracks at first, I was coming down the stairs when I heard the E train's horn blare like I've never heard before on any train, yet what I didn't see really has stuck with me all morning: I DID NOT see a human body mangled under the train wheels. So the incident won't make the news, and while the dozens of waiting transit riders may tell their coworkers about the episode (perhaps explaining to their supervisors that it took a half dozen paramedics 10 to 15 minutes to get the mentally ill man onto a gurney and out of the way) few other people in metro Denver will know that today a couple of light rail drivers did something heroic by doing their jobs well. I’ve been taught that the best way to compliment someone for a job well-done was to tell their bosses. So if you could please pass this note on to RTD's upper management, I'd be grateful.”