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Bus and rail operators who have gone above and beyond

October 2017:
Scott Freestone

This month, RTD recognizes Route AB bus driver, Scott Freestone, who was nominated by passenger Leslie Lorenzo for his excellent customer service. Scott drives the AB from Boulder to Denver International Airport.

October 2017 - Scott Freestone

Passenger Leslie Lorenzo wrote:
“Driver Scott Freestone takes very good care of his customers. I have had several occasions to observe how he relates to customers not only at DIA but also at Boulder stops and Downtown Boulder Station. He listens to the riders giving each one his full attention and then does what he can to assist including going out of his way on his own time. I have observed him helping to obtain correct change for a fare, knowing which stop a rider is getting off at so he can assure the rider wakes up for his stop, he has assisted a rider who lost a phone, he helps his coworkers who are doing a run for the first time by helping load luggage. Scott always has a pleasant attitude and makes his riders feel good. He is patient answering various questions about schedules, prices, directions at the airport and other varied questions. He is always cheerful when stowing luggage. Scott is considerate of his regular riders. It is a joy when I see he will be my driver for the morning”

After receiving the commendation from Leslie, we wanted to know more about Scott, and he graciously agreed to answer a few of our questions.

How long have you worked for RTD?
I’ve been a driver for RTD 17 years and 9 months.
What were you in a previous life?
A bear.
What do you like best about your job?
I really enjoy driving the open road, from the Colorado plains to the top of the Rocky Mountains.
If you could listen to music while working, what type?
Classic rock.
If you could deck out your bus, what style?
Plaid interior with a naval ship gray exterior. Oh ya.
If you could change your uniform color, what color or does brown/gray go with your eyes?
A baby blue work shirt with light gray or black work pants would work with my blue eyes.
What type of service would you drive if given the choice and/or favorite service to drive?
I like driving the AB1 to Denver International Airport and Route N to Nederland.
What are your favorite hobbies or activities?
I enjoy going to the gym, hiking, music, painting and photography

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