Operator of the Month

Bus and light rail operators who have gone above and beyond

May 2017:
Route AB Driver Steve Krat

This month, RTD recognizes Route AB driver, Steve Krat, who was nominated by passenger Elaine Hebert for his positive attitude and amazing customer service. Steve drives the AB from Downtown Boulder Station to Denver International Airport.

May 2017 - Steve Krat

Elaine wrote:
“I want to commend Stephen Krat - a wonderful bus driver! He’s communicative, friendly, helpful, and courteous. This was my first time on RTD. I've ridden other bus services such as the Yolo Bus commuter line in Sacramento/Davis, California and Amtrak buses. Stephen is in a whole other class of driver! In addition to a giving me and other passengers a warm welcome, he wanted to make sure he didn't bury my suitcases way in the back of the storage area if I were getting out early on the route, being new to the area I had to text my friend to confirm which stop I needed. He was just so nice that I was motivated to let you know.”

After receiving the commendation from Elaine, we wanted to know more about Steve, and he graciously agreed to answer a few of our questions.

How long have you worked for RTD?
I have been a driver for almost 10 years.
What were you in a previous life?
I was a fighter pilot in a past life.
What do you like best about your job?
I enjoy interacting with people and making their day better.
If you could listen to music while working, what type?
If I was able to play music on my bus it would be all kinds of upbeat happy music.
If you could deck out your bus, what style?
I would transform my bus into a Las Vegas party and my work area would be a DJ booth.
If you could change your uniform color, what color or does brown/gray go with your eyes?
I like the black and the gray the best. I would not change it.
What type of service would you drive if given the choice and/or favorite service to drive?
I enjoy driving the AB SkyRide service the best.
What are your favorite hobbies or activities?
My hobbies include hanging out with my son, BBQing and playing pool.