Our Priorities

Making a commitment to you

Committed to safety and service

At RTD, we have our priorities in order. Since 1969, we’ve been committed to the highest standards in public transit safety and service within the eight-county metro area. From bus and rail service, to the Free MallRide and specialty services, we want each customer experience to be the best it can be. And we know that there is always room for improvement.

Safe service
Your safety is our top priority.
On-time scheduled service
RTD riders expect and deserve on-time service. If your service is delayed more than 30 minutes and the delay was not caused by inclement weather, unplanned traffic or an event beyond RTD’s control, we’ll compensate you with a free ride coupon.
Exceptional customer service
We want you to be satisfied with every trip you take on RTD, plain and simple.
Clean vehicles
We promise that all of our vehicles will be clean and ready to take you to your destination.
Clear communication
We promise to listen to you and respond to all of your inquiries.

Tell us how we're doing

Help us keep our priorities in line with yours. Please complete our customer comment form or call to speak with a highly trained member of our customer service team.