Public Transparency

Please read our Public Transparency Policy

Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) requests

The RTD Board of Directors supports transparency in their governing role as policy makers for the Regional Transportation District. Records of RTD and the Board are public records and open to the public for inspection as provided in the Colorado Open Records Act, C.R.S. 24-72-201. To request records, please follow the process below:

How to request Board public records

  1. For Board of Directors records, submit a written request to or mail to:
    Barbara McManus
    Executive Manager for the RTD Board of Directors
    Regional Transportation District
    1600 Blake Street
    BLK 36
    Denver, CO 80202

    For all other RTD open record requests, submit your request in writing to the RTD Information and Records Manager via email at or mail paper requests to:

    Regional Transportation District
    ATTN: Information Manager - CORA FAS-61
    1600 Blake Street
    Denver, CO 80202

  2. Please be as clear as possible related to your request. (i.e. date/s for information, subject, names or anything you may have that will assist us in our search).
  3. Please state whether you desire copies or wish to inspect records at RTD without receiving copies.
  4. RTD does not grant fee waivers. Please state in your request if/how much cost you will approve for obtaining documents or the contact process for approval of costs. You will be required to pay an advance if costs are estimated to exceed $10. If final costs vary from the advance, you will receive a partial refund or will be required to pay the remaining amount before the records are released.
    1. RTD does not charge for the first hour of staff time for research and retrieval. However, RTD may charge for all other applicable fees including staff time for redaction, manipulation, inspection, and other charges authorized by law.
    2. RTD charges $30 per hour for all requests requiring more than one hour of staff time for research and retrieval as authorized by CRS 24-72-205(6)(b)). If RTD’s actual cost for redaction or manipulation of records exceeds $30 /hour, RTD may elect to charge more or not perform redaction/manipulation. Multiple related requests may be combined for purposes of calculating the hourly rate.
    3. RTD does not charge for electronic copies or transmission (if file sizes are too large to send electronically, you may be required to pay for a CD or DVD). Photocopies in black and white are 25 cents per standard page, CD’s are $5 and DVD’s are $15. (MP3’s or other digital copies are not available from the Board office at this time.)
  5. RTD will provide at least an initial response to your request within 3 business days. RTD will provide records subject to and within time periods set forth in CORA and RTD’s CORA procedures.
  6. CORA requests received in the Board office that are intended for other departments will be forwarded to the Records and Information Manager or appropriate department for resolution. The Board office does not assume responsibility for the response to these CORA requests.
  7. Exceptions: CORA is limited to records made, maintained or kept by RTD. Not all such records are open to inspection under CORA. In addition, public inspection of certain records maintained by RTD are governed by other laws. You will be notified if exceptions to inspection apply.

Contact the Board Office

The Board Office requests that a courtesy copy of all correspondence, invitations, and notices of events be sent to Acting Executive Director Barbara McManus