Service Development

Providing service planning, scheduling, monitoring, performance evaluation, and implementation

Service Development Division

The Service Development Division is responsible for service planning, scheduling, runcutting, service monitoring, service performance evaluation, and implementation coordination of all RTD services.

The major functions of Service Development include:

  • Exploration and development of new and improved services.
  • Integration of service planning with marketing, systems planning, and facilities planning.
  • Evaluation of service performance according to RTD Transit Service Policies and Standards with recommendations for proposed changes.
  • Development and implementation of three system-wide service changes each year.
  • Development of new and restructured network, sub-regional, corridor, and community transit service plans.
  • Maintenance and development of tools for planning and analysis, including, scheduling, runcutting, geographic information systems, ridership monitoring and analysis, and performance evaluation.

Service Development is divided into three geographically bounded teams to more effectively address RTD's large district. For all questions or comments regarding current service or requests for new service, please email or call the Service Development Division at 303.299.2004

Service development documents

Below are a variety of reports on bus and rail ridership statistics, service performance, service changes, and a variety of other reports. To request additional reports and plans, please email


Ridership Statistics

Service Changes

Performance reports