Workforce Initiative Now

Coming together to create opportunities for our local communities.

What is WIN?

The regional Workforce Initiative Now (WIN) is a collaborative partnership between RTD, Community College of Denver (CCD), Denver Transit Partners (DTP) and the Urban League of Metropolitan Denver. WIN helps job seekers, companies, and local communities through demand-driven workforce services and the creation of career pathway opportunities in the transportation and construction industries.


From employment training, assessment, placement, to ongoing outreach, WIN gives people the tools to build better lives and sustainable communities across the metro area.


WIN’s first priority is putting people to work. We provide potential workers with skills training, placement assistance, and resources to help them secure industry positions with competitive wages and career possibilities.


We work with businesses to identify needed skills, develop custom training and job placement services, and leverage financial incentives, such as Work Opportunity Tax Credits and other on-the-job training funding sources.


Through a wide network of service providers, WIN works with local communities, governments, and organizations to increase access to critical resources that promote job creation, skills development, and social and economic growth.

Training and service network

WIN collaborates with over 50 training and service Network partners including local non-profits, community and technical colleges; industry training programs or trade associations; and the public workforce system. Collectively, we offer a single, effective outreach program focused on shared need to ensure diverse training options for entry-level, career advancement, and entrepreneurial skills development. Our collaborative network seeks to solve common workforce challenges, achieve long-term employment success, provide active placement options for funded programs, and offer ongoing career coaching and mentoring, follow up, and post-placement training to increase retention.