A rider's guide to public art on RTD's transit system

New rail lines bring new art

The number of art pieces is growing substantially with the recent openings of new rail lines and a bus rapid transit line. The artists and projects are set for the three rail lines that make up the Fastracks Eagle P3 project which consists of the University of Colorado A Line going to/from DIA, the G Line, connecting downtown Dever and the Arvada-Wheat Ridge area, the B Line connecting Westminster to downtown and the R Line connecting southeast Denver to the University of Colorado A Line at Peoria Station along the I-225 corridor. Click on the images below to meet the artists and see their ideas.

  • Blessing Hancock - Biota at Peoria Station A Line
  • Chromatic Harvest at Arvada Ridge on G Line
  • Grotto by Brian Bush on B Line
  • Sunrise by John King and Ted Esselstyn on R Line
  • Stories Interweave by Joe OConnell on R Line

Take an art tour

You're probably familiar with art walks…but did you know that in metro Denver, you can take an art ride?

Thanks to RTD's Art-n-Transit program, you can enjoy an eclectic array of public art pieces at more than 45 rail stations and bus terminals throughout the metro area. Keep reading to learn more about the art behind the transit and then take a self-guided tour of the artwork.

What is Art-n-Transit?

Since 1994, the mission of RTD's Art-n-Transit program has been to enhance the design, aesthetic quality and user friendliness of transit projects, as well as to foster transit-oriented community development.

The Art-n-Transit program is based on RTD's belief that public art helps provide a stronger connection between neighborhoods and transit. Installing artwork at transit facilities creates a sense of community and provides opportunities to celebrate the diverse cultural, ethnic and historical richness of the many communities RTD serves. In addition to enhancing the beauty of the entire transit system, public art also helps discourage vandalism and graffiti.

What kind of art will you see on RTD?

As you ride RTD, you'll notice two types of public art. The first consists of art enhancements — artistic elements incorporated into the design of the transit station. These include windscreens, benches, canopies, railings and other basic architectural features that provide functional benefits and make stations and terminals easily identifiable.

The true centerpieces of the Art-n-Transit program are the site-specific commissioned artworks. These murals, mosaics, sculptures and other imaginative installations were created by artists hired to produce unique works of art that reflect the surrounding community and add an identifying element to the neighborhood. Community members participate in the selection process for each of these commissioned art projects.

We invite you to take a ride on RTD and get a first-hand glimpse at one of the metro area's most innovative art collections!

Click the images below to learn more

  • Jess DuBois - Lady Doctor - Central Corridor
  • Darrel Anderson - untitled works - Central Corridor 3 stations
  • Atkinson Iconography Studio Limited - Doing Your Dance in Denver - Central Corridor
  • Donna Billick - Bookmark Denver Colorado
  • Emanuel Martinez - Mestizaje - Centra Corridor
  • Scott Donohue - Hand Up - Central Corridor
  • Elaine Calzolari - The Welcoming Committee - Central Corridor
  • Stephen Batura - Winter Crossing - Central Platte Valley
  • David Griggs - Seven Sisters - Central Platte Valley
  • Troy Corliss - Pig Skins - Central Platte Valley
  • Donna Billick - Destinations - Central Platte Valley
  • Jack Unruh - People Hereabouts - Southwest Corridor
  • Ray Tomasso - Glass Panel Windscreen - Southwest Corridor
  • The Sheridan School District Grades K-12 - Untitled - Southwest Corridor
  • Michelle Lamb - untitled - Southwest Corridor
  • Robert Tully - The Silver Band of Present Time - Southwest Corridor
  • Ira Sherman - Stang Machine - Southeast Corridor
  • John Goe - Reflective Discourse - Southeast Corridor
  • Ries Niemi - Big Boots - Southeast Corridor
  • Gregory Cove - Connected - Southeast Corridor
  • Christopher Janney - Harmonic Pass: Denver - Southeast Corridor
  • Christopher Weed - Windswept - Southeast Corridor
  • Atkinson Iconography Studio Limited - Yet Another Way To Know That Nature Will Eventually Win - Southeast Corridor
  • Richard Elliot - Thunder over the Rockies - Southeast Corridor
  • Wopo Holup - Orchard Memory - Southeast Corridor
  • Michael Clapper - Nucleus - Southeast Corridor
  • John McEnroe - Fools Gold - Southeast Corridor
  • Emmett Culligan - Plow - Southeast Corridor
  • Ray King - Sunstream - Southeast Corridor
  • Douglas Kornfeld - untitled - Civic Center Station
  • Bob Luna - Benches - Colfax and Federal Bus Transfer Facility
  • Susan Cooper - Universal Travel - Tufts Flyover
  • Interdependence - W Line
  • untitled by Jolt - W line
  • Josh Wiener - City of Dreams - W Line
  • Jose Aguirre - Illuminating Path - W Line
  • Josn Wiener - Interconnectivity - W Line
  • John Flemming - Gift of Rain - W Line
  • Lonnie Hanzon - Lakewood Legacy Trees - W Line
  • John Rogers - Rain and Sun - W Line
  • Scott Parsons - Ha-no-oo Start Calendar - W Line
  • Mike Squared Mosaics - Winds of Change - W Line
  • John Flemming - Kipling Cascades - W Line
  • Josh Wiener - Tread Lightly - W Line
  • Ivan Depena - Color Field - W Line
  • Aphidoidea - Look Ahead - W Line
  • Ball-Nogues Studio - TBD - W Line
  • Nancy ONeil - Along the way - W Line
  • various artists - relay houses along W Line
  • Kelton Osborn - Conflux Redox - A Line
  • Erik Carlson - Hands On - A Line
  • Sean OMeallie - Balloon Man - A Line
  • Blessing Hancock - Biota - A Line
  • Molly Dillworth - Time Present - A Line
  • Sandra Fettingis - Tumbleweeds windscreens - A Line
  • Bimmer Torres - Roots Crossing - G Line
  • Addison Karl - untitled - G Line
  • Aaron Stephan - Gold Pour - G Line
  • Frank Swanson - Track Bone - G Line
  • Lee/Allbritton - Chromatic Harvest - G Line
  • Michael Clapper - Anchored By Place - G Line
  • Dardinelle Troen - Atomic Number 79 - G Line
  • Brian Bush - Grotto - B line
  • Dan Gottsegen - windscreens - B Line
  • Gordon Huether - On The Move - R Line
  • Koryn Rolstad - Our Community Dance - R Line
  • John King and Ted Esselstyn - Sunrise - R Line
  • Douwe Blumberg - Highline Times - R Line
  • Chris Fennell - Bike Train - R Line
  • Joe OConnell - Stories Interweave - R Line
  • Koryn Rolstad - Prairie Light and Color - R Line
  • George Bates - windscreens - R Line