Bus Driver Aptitude Test

So you want to be a bus driver? Take this test first to see if you've got what it takes.

Interested in a career as a bus driver at RTD?

If you can answer the following 10 questions correctly, then we encourage you to learn more and apply for a career as a bus driver at RTD.

  1. If you are traveling southbound and need to go eastbound at the next intersection, which direction will you turn?
  2. List the four main points of a compass in clockwise order starting from the top of the compass below. 1 is at the top, 2 is at the right, 3 is at the bottom, 4 is at the left.
  3. True or false: Bus drivers work regular eight-hour shifts
  4. If you are traveling in a lane of traffic, and a vehicle starts to come in to your lane, it is safer to:
  5. If passengers refused to pay the proper fare, you should:
  6. If a passenger requested to be left off at a place which is not a bus stop, you should:
  7. When dealing with an unruly or disruptive passenger, you should:
  8. Imagine that you are making a right turn onto a two-lane street. However, a car is approaching the intersection in the oncoming lane of traffic of the street onto which you want to turn. If that car encroaches in to the intersection, it is safer for you to:
  9. True or false: If you were running behind schedule, you are allowed to detour from your assigned route to make up some time?