N Line to ThorntonComing soon

More commuter rail comes to the Denver metro area with the N Line (referred to as the North Metro rail line during construction). The first 13 miles of the proposed 18.5 mile commuter rail line will provide service from Union Station through Denver, Commerce City, Thornton, Northglenn, and eventually to north Adams County.


New Rail in New Neighborhoods

The N Line brings RTD train service through Denver, Commerce City, Northglenn, Thornton and north Adams County. The N Line will connect at Union Station where riders have the option to transfer to the University of Colorado A Line to the airport and other rail lines that depart from Union Station and downtown.


The N Line will offer convenient train service to connect the northern metro area to the rest of the greater Denver region.

At the Union Station light rail platform

At the Union Station commuter rail platforms

Construction Updates

updated as of 02/04/2019

  • Fencing and guard rail installation are the most visible signs of construction in this area.
  • Systems testing will continue for the next few months.
  • Activities in and around the 48th & Brighton - National Western Center Station include setting canopy columns and roofs.
  • Construction of guard rail and fencing along the Skyway Bridge continues.
  • Electrical installation and systems testing is ongoing.
  • The Fernald Trail is now open to pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • The new 4-way stop is in place at 70th Avenue and Colorado Blvd.
  • Installation of handrail and guard rail and painting continues at the Commerce City & 72nd Station .
  • Crews are relocating sewer lines and installing outfall protection near the 88th Avenue Bridge.
  • Electrical and lighting installation continues on the Original Thornton & 88th Station.
  • Work continues on the parking garage at the Thornton Crossroads & 104th Station.
  • Track work in this area will continue for the next few months.
  • Finishing work including canopy painting and conduit installation at the Thornton Crossroads & 104th Station is ongoing.
  • Systems testing and finishing out punch list items will continue for the next few months.
  • Improvements to York Street requiring some traffic control operations will continue for the next few weeks.
  • Painting and station wall painting continue at the Northglenn & 112th Station.
  • Installation of handrail and guard rail and painting continues at the Eastlake & 124th Station.
  • Fiber termination and testing activities, along with canopy wire installation are ongoing at the Eastlake & 124th Station.
  • Future construction will continue when funding is available.


The N Line is proposed to have nine stations total, including Union Station, when the entire line is complete. The first phase of 13 miles will have seven stations, with six Park-n-Rides that will add a total of 2,593 parking spots.

  • Union Station

    Union Station

  • 48th & Brighton and National Western Center Station Rendering

    48th & Brighton at National Western Center

  • Commerce City and 72nd Station Rendering

    Commerce City & 72nd

    • Parking:359 total
  • Original Thornton and 88th Station Rendering

    Original Thornton & 88th

    • Parking:561 total
  • Thornton Crossroads and 104th Station Rendering

    Thornton Crossroads & 104th

    • Parking:907 total
  • Northglenn and 112th Station Rendering

    Northglenn & 112th

    • Parking:316 total
  • Eastlake and 124th Station Rendering

    Eastlake & 124th

    • Parking:410 spots *Under consideration
  • Proposed future York and 144th Station location

    York & 144th

    • (future construction)
  • Proposed future North Thornton and Hwy 7 Station location

    North Thornton & Hwy 7

    • (future construction)


RTD acquired most of the North Metro Rail right-of-way from Union Pacific Railroad. In 2009 RTD purchased the railroad right-of-way from 70th Avenue to the north end of the corridor and beyond, putting in place an essential element of the project.


RTD completed an investment study to evaluate north I-25 transit from Denver to Brighton
FasTracks vote
RTD conducted a scoping study to build on previous analyses of the corridor
RTD began and completed an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process to analyze transit options for the corridor; the team received a Federal Transit Administration Record of Decision
RTD purchased most of the North Metro Rail right-of-way from Union Pacific Railroad for $119 million
Station to the National Western Stock Show Station
RTD received an unsolicited proposal to build the line, opened a competitive bidding process, and later awarded a design-build contract to Regional Rail Partners (RRP) to complete the line to Eastlake & 124th
North Metro Rail Line broke ground in March; design of the project reached 60 percent completion in September; and North Metro received rail delivery and completed tie-in work at Union Station in November
Removal of old track began and the first bridge of the project (North Metro Skyway bridge) is under construction
Construction continues on N Line.