Administrative Teams

Nearly 900 people make up RTD's admin team, keeping a collective finger on the pulse of the region. We keep communications flowing with our customers, our ADA community, public leaders, and all of our regional partners and constituents to propel Denver transit systems into the future.

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Austin Communications Careers

RTD has a dynamic team of communications professionals driven by RTD's mission to keep customers informed about service, events, and news from around the agency.

General Counsel

General Counsel Law Careers

Our general counsel administrative teams include legal services, risk management, finance, handling and purchasing, civil rights, human resources, and information technology, to name a few.

Planning & Capital

Maux Planning Careers Admin

RTD employs engineers and urban planners to guide service development throughout the region. From construction to quality insurance, our planning teams influence every inch of our growth.


RTD offers a comprehensive benefits package, ongoing opportunities for career advancement, on-the-job training, and a chance to make a major impact on the movement of the greater Denver community.

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