Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) requests

Records of RTD are public records and open to the public for inspection as provided in the Colorado Open Records Act, CRS 24-72-201.

Please be as clear as possible related to your request. (i.e. date/s for information, subject, names or anything you may have that will assist us in our search). Please provide full contact information. Lack of contact information may result in delay of resolution or response.

Please note: videos are uploaded directly to the portal. ​*For bus/train related video requests, please fill out all pertinent information such as: names of involved parties, dates, times, bus/train number, route number, non-RTD vehicle license plate number. Please do not just list a claim number as the CORA system does not have access to claim documentation.

Open Records Request

Submitting a request in writing

If you choose not to submit your request online, you may submit your request in writing to the RTD CORA Coordinator at:

  • Regional Transportation District
  • ATTN: Information Manager - CORA BLK-40
  • 1660 Blake Street
  • Denver, CO 80202

Please note - written requests may take additional time and fees for fulfillment.

CORA does not process – fare or parking fee refunds, Access-a-ride requests or late bus/train complaints. For these types of issues, please contact Customer Care at 303-299-6000.