What We're Doing

As the region begins to recover from the pandemic, we want to assure you we are taking every step to keep our riders and employees safe. While our vehicles are cleaned regularly, there are measures you can take to further protect yourself from getting sick. All customers are required by Federal mandate to wear masks prior to and when boarding transit. With each us doing our part, we can create a safe and healthy travel environment.

Latest COVID Updates

Effective April 19, 2022: Facial coverings are no longer required on RTD vehicles or in RTD facilities. 
Effective April 13, 2022: At CDC’s recommendation, TSA will extend the security directive for mask use on public transportation and transportation hubs for two weeks, through May 3rd. 
Effective June 13, 2021: RTD increased to full capacity. Phase 1b.3, and have made an appointment. Shuttle service at the event will be free of charge, while transportation to the event will require regular fare. See RTD shuttle route map.

How We're Protecting Our Employees

We've taken several measures to increase the safety of our operators by designing and installing polycarbonate protective barriers. We also encourage exiting through the rear of buses—this is done by playing automatic messages directing customers to exit via the back of the bus and adding striping to the ground that points in the direction of the exit. Conditions will continue to evolve, but our commitment to keeping our employees healthy and safe will remain constant.

Cleaning Our Buses and Rail Vehicles

Using a proper concentration mix of disinfectant, vehicles are cleaned daily. If the disinfectant supply runs low, all facilities have chlorine bleach available to make a solution as guided by the CDC. RTD’s Bus cleaning team consists of 65 employees. Employees are spread out over three operating divisions (Boulder, East Metro & Platte) and District Shops, and cover three shifts. The Boulder division is closed on Sundays, our District Shops location is closed on weekends and both Platte and East Metro operate 24/7. RTD’s Light Rail Maintenance cleaning team consists of 35 employees divided into three shifts.

How We're Protecting Our Customers

Bus, rail and paratransit vehicles are cleaned daily in accordance with RTD’s Pandemic Plan, including wiping down handrails and other high-touch surfaces with an industrial-strength disinfectant/antibacterial cleaner. RTD has purchased additional sanitation products and disinfectants, including electrostatic cleaning devices. RTD is working with transit agency peers to share lessons learned and best practices. We are closely following updates from the World Health Organization (WHO), CDC, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Denver Office of Emergency Management to ensure an appropriate response to the coronavirus.