100 light rail vehicle operators receive accident-free driving awards

This year we are recognizing all operators who have consecutive years without an accident. There are 100 LRV operators who have gone at least one full year without a preventable accident, with Operator Robert Dennis as the operator with the longest record at 21 consecutive years.

Each LRV operator receives a patch indicating the number of years they are being recognized for as well as a hand-signed certificate from Assistant General Manager of Rail Operations Dave Jensen and Rail Transportation Superintendent Gary Schafer formally celebrating their accomplishment. Those with up to eight years of being accident-free received the items in their mailboxes. Operators who have gone nine years or longer were hand-delivered the certificate and patch. 

"RTD could not function without our operators—they get passengers safely to their destinations every day of the year regardless of weather. We’re not surprised that 100 of the 130 eligible operators, are being recognized today,” noted Schafer. “Safety is RTD’s core value and our operators take their responsibility for safety seriously. We’re proud of this accomplishment and look forward to seeing the number of LRV operators being recognized grow next year."

Operators with nine or more years of accident-free driving include: 

  • Robert Dennis: 21 years 
  • Chris Baker: 17 years 
  • Sandy Fox: 15 years 
  • Michael Conrod: 14 years 
  • Dennis Hall: 14 years 
  • Henry Medina: 14 years 
  • John J. Gonzalez: 13 years  
  • Johnny Vialpando: 13 years 
  • Ken Herrera: 12 years 
  • Scott Maiers: 12 years 
  • Sam Vigil: 11 years 
  • Mike Toth: 10 years 
  • Mike Vigil: 10 years 
  • Chris Mattivi: 9 years 

Congratulations to everyone receiving an award! 

Robert Dennis, light rail vehicle operator with 21 years of safe driving
Robert Dennis, light rail vehicle operator with 21 years of accident-free driving


John J Gonzalez, light rail vehicle operator who has gone 13 consecutive years without a preventable accident
John J. Gonzalez, 13 years accident free


Scott Maiers, light rail vehicle operator with 12 years of safe driving
Scott Maiers, light rail operator with 12 consecutive years of accident-free driving