529 Bus Operators Receive Accident-free Driving Awards

Each fall, operators who have gone 16 consecutive years without having an accident are recognized at RTD’s annual employee awards ceremony. Twenty-three bus operators were recognized in 2019.

This year, we are recognizing all 529 bus operators who have gone at least one year without an accident, with Platte Division operator Jaime Contreras leading the group with 22 consecutive years. Mebrahtu Tsegaye, East Metro operator pictured below, has 19 consecutive years. Each operator receives a patch indicating the number of years they are being recognized for, as well as a hand-signed certificate from General Superintendent of Transportation Chris Deines formally celebrating their accomplishment.

“We congratulate each one of our outstanding operators being recognized this month,” Deines said. “Safety is a core value at RTD because we want to get our passengers to their destinations safely and on time. To have this many drivers go accident-free is no surprise to us—operators have a challenging job navigating the busy streets of metro Denver and to do it safely, without an accident, is truly remarkable.”

Bus operators received their awards as part of refresher training. Congratulations to everyone receiving an award--we're so proud of you!

Mebrahtu Tsegaye and 19 years accident-free driving
Mebrahtu Tsegaye, East Metro















Three East Metro Operators who have been accident free for at least one consecutive year
Terri, Marty and Cao, East Metro












Five Platte Operators who have gone at least one consecutive year accident free
Will, Hawkins, Vicky, Harqunah and Larry, Platte