I want to help the bus drivers

At a young age, children are taught the importance of kindness and compassion. A simple ‘thank you’ goes a long way. 

Every day, Ms. Virginia Payne’s kindergarten class at Primrose School at Stapleton sees the buses on Quebec and 20th streets. The 20 and 73 carry passengers throughout their northeast Denver neighborhood. 

Lately the traffic has thinned on those roads due to people staying home and ‘social distancing.’ The buses continue to be the main vehicles the students see. Buses are part of an essential service that, at this current time, is helping their neighbors complete critical trips for groceries, healthcare and reach essential jobs. 

To show their gratitude, the children in Ms. Payne’s class drew pictures of buses, rainbows and sunny days. 

“I want to help the bus drivers,” notes Ava, age five. “They are nice and do a good job.” 

“Thank you bus drivers for helping other people get where they’re going,” adds Penny, almost age five. 

The pictures are en route to RTD’s Platte Division. The drawings are currently shared throughout the bus transportation divisions via public information displays. 

Thank You, Primrose! 

Student at Primrose Stapleton holding a sign thanking RTD bus operators
Some of the pictures created for bus operators by Primrose School at Stapleton schools