RTD Board Approves a New Roadmap

RTD has a new blueprint for the agency’s long-term success.

Our new five-year strategic plan, approved unanimously by the RTD Board of Directors at the Aug. 10 meeting, is both ambitious and actionable.

We will be purposeful in implementing this plan because our role in the community is vital to the livelihoods of so many citizens across metro Denver.

At RTD, we make lives better through connections. We provide the link to opportunity for thousands of people every day. Public transportation is the great societal equalizer—it unleashes people from their limitations and expands the options and opportunities for all individuals.

Since assuming leadership of RTD nine months ago, developing this strategic plan has been one of my top priorities. I attended hundreds of meetings. I read hundreds of documents. And I spent time as a customer, seeing RTD from the perspective of those who rely on us each and every day.

I am proud of the final plan, but it’s the result of a truly collaborative process. I want to thank community members, political leadership, and members of the RTD Board of Directors and staff for all their input as the plan was being developed and took final shape.

With the Board’s adoption of the plan, we will create a performance-driven organization. Our vision is to be the trusted leader in mobility, delivering excellence and value to our customers and community.  We value passion, respect, diversity, trustworthiness, collaboration and ownership. 

The plan gives us clear, measurable, and prioritized outcomes to execute our mission and vision. It gives us an action-driven business plan. And it gives us a performance scorecard so everyone knows how RTD is faring.

The new plan establishes four strategic priorities—community value, customer excellence, employee ownership and financial success—that serve as functional pillars to plan, develop, evaluate and measure RTD’s overall performance.

Transparency is paramount. This plan helps us accomplish that by measuring—and tracking—key elements of our organization and a quarterly performance scorecard will be produced.

The plan lays out clear objectives for each strategic priority. It will guide how we improve on-time performance and increase ridership. It details how we will increase diversity in our applicant pool, how we will recruit and retain employees, and improve the professionalism in our work environment. We will also expand community engagement and increase the community’s perception of RTD security.

Our customers and community will see an RTD workforce committed to delivering measurable value and communicating these results in a clear and transparent fashion. 

Every successful major global city is home to an efficient, dependable, friendly, and secure public transportation system that improves the quality of city life. Denver metro built one of the most comprehensive rail networks in a matter of years earning it a reputation as a national leader, but we have room for improvement and major issues to solve coming out of the pandemic. Our new strategic plan gives us a roadmap and a path to become best in class.