RTD honors veterans

Happy Veterans Day! This day provides an opportunity for each of us to reflect on and show our gratitude to the women and men who have given of themselves to defend our nation’s independence and freedom as Americans.  

With gratitude and appreciation, we recognize that the freedoms we enjoy today were secured because of the brave men and women all across this nation willing to risk their lives for our country. 

Veterans Day officially started to be celebrated at the end of World War I, but we know that every day the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces have their courage tested here and abroad.  

From an organization that loves to hire veterans because of their discipline, strength, reliability, leadership and dedication, we are so grateful to have them as a part of our team. 

Every November, RTD honors the veterans who work for the agency with a luncheon and a keynote speaker. This year, that wasn’t possible due to COVID restrictions. But, in keeping with tradition, RTD showed our appreciation for veterans by giving them a Veterans Day-themed hat and a pin. If you see an operator in their hat or wearing a pin, make sure to thank them for their service. 

It is thanks to veterans’ willingness to serve, that we, the benefactors of their sacrifice, are able to enjoy the fruits of a free nation.  

We respectfully thank all of our veterans as well as our active duty military around the world, for their service. They are to be respected and uplifted. 

Boulder Division Supervisor Eugene Doss
Eugene Doss, Boulder Division Supervisor