RTD’s Service and Cleaning staff work diligently to keep employees, riders safe and healthy

Almost daily, RTD gets asked about the cleaning of our buildings, buses and trains in light of the coronavirus.

The answer is that our dedicated service workers have been working extra hard every day for the past few weeks to protect our employees and riders from the coronavirus, by keeping our vehicles and facilities disinfected and clean.

Two Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) service workers in particular, Pedro Rodriguez and Alfredo Mulato, got a shoutout from co-workers for doing an exceptional job keeping our trains clean.

There are many stories like this and we’re proud to share them as we get them.

Both Bus and LRV Service and Cleaning staff work hard every day to keep our buses and trains clean and safe. Service workers sweep, mop and collect trash; deep clean the floors and seats; sanitize surfaces; and sand vehicles for traction.

LRV employees have the added challenge of servicing trains at both the Elati facility and Peoria Station. Employees on third shift (those working the overnight and early morning hours) ensure that all trains at both locations are thoroughly cleaned. Pedro and Alfredo did such an amazing job working on the trains at Peoria Station that electro mechanics took notice the following morning. This is Alfredo’s first week on third shift, and he proved he’s up to the challenge.

Special thanks to Pedro, Alfredo and all of our employees who are helping to keep our trains and buses sanitized and running during these times.

RTD’s buildings are getting similar treatment to its vehicles.

Facilities Maintenance employees have been scrubbing every surface to ensure our work areas are sanitary and clean.

If you have a story of an employee going above and beyond to keep RTD safe for employees and riders during these times, please send us a tweet via @RideRTD.