To Operators, with Love

Dear RTD Operators, 

Today, March 18, is Transit Driver Appreciation Day. Words cannot express our gratitude for all that you do to reliably deliver riders to their destinations every day and night, but we’ll try. 

RTD exists because of you. You bring people home, students to school, passengers to appointments, employees to work, prospective employees to interviews, fans to sporting events, travelers to the airport – and so many other places. Connections are made because of you.  

When roads are undrivable for many, you skillfully maneuver them to safely take your riders where they need to be. When your passengers arrive at their stops, they deboard, but you keep going. You keep driving because your route continues. 

You fundamentally care about your riders. Every day, RTD receives commendations highlighting different ways that you have personally touched lives. Here are a few that came in this week: 

“I would like to thank this bus driver for always doing everything he can to make sure the riders get to the destination on time. There was a car that was blocking the way where the bus turns on Leetsdale (Drive) that he was not able to get around. So he assisted the man in pushing his van forward, so we may continue our route. Thank you.”

“I just want to express my appreciation to our conductor. I am on the train now, but I've been on his train before, and he is GREAT! He is pleasant and keeps us informed as to what is going on. He assures us that he will leave ‘no man behind’ when the doors open, and he's taking care of us. He has a sense of humor when addressing the passengers. I just truly appreciate his positive attitude at the end of the day! Please take good care of him and keep him happy, because he's a keeper!”

“Thank you! For being a GREAT driver and knowing your visually impaired riders. You went above and beyond to get this blind man on the correct bus. Your kindness gives me hope.”

Operators, thank you for always being there for your community and providing an essential public service, especially during this unprecedented time. We are grateful for your patience and strength. We sincerely appreciate you, and one day is not enough to thank you for all you do.