What Sustainability Means to RTD

We’ve all seen the rotating image of what it looks like to transport 200 people. The image of nearly 200 cars on the road embodies gridlock. As the image rotates you see that the same amount of passengers fit on three buses or alternately one train. Both the bus and train scenarios show minimal traffic. 

Public transportation is the sustainable way to travel. But sustainability is more than just reduced carbon emissions from removing cars from the road. Sustainability broadly covers a lot of areas ranging from what materials you use to what you do with equipment past its useful life to processes and water efficiency and all things in between.

As we celebrate Earth Day’s 50th anniversary this week, you’ll meet the following folks and learn what sustainability means to them and what they are doing to make sustainable impacts at RTD. Though they are in different departments, their work is complementary.

  • Perry Edman: Edman is the Environmental Compliance Officer for Commuter Rail. The Minnesota native is helping get the N Line ready for opening through environmental policy development and ensures compliance in commuter rail operations. He believes sustainability is the right thing to do, what stakeholders want and something that can be accomplished in the progressive state of Colorado.
  • Carly Macias: A woman with a vision, Macias leads RTD’s vehicle electrification initiatives. Macias also successfully negotiated an electricity rate for our electric vehicle fleet with Xcel Energy. She envisions a future where RTD’s fleet consists of zero emission vehicles to help minimize the environmental impact of our buses.
  • Tom Papadinoff: As the lead for landscape architecture and urban design, Papadinoff takes a global view of sustainability by trying to balance environmental, social and fiscal elements when making design decisions. His team’s work can be seen along the Southeast Rail Extension on the E, F and R lines as well as several Park-n-Rides.
  • Richard Rost: Rost has been with RTD for 34 years and contributed to some of our biggest projects including the renovation of Union Station and Civic Center Station, as well as getting solar arrays added to the East Metro bus facility. As the manager of Facilities Engineering, he leads teams that design and construct engineering projects and has a great time doing it. 

What does “sustainability” mean to you? Share your thoughts on LinkedIn with us.