Why Do You Love RTD?

Walter Palmgren is a light rail train operator and instructor at RTD. He’s worked at the agency for three years and four months. He wrote the following on RTD’s LinkedIn page:

I am truly blessed and honored each and every day to do the job that I do; to provide the service to the public that I do. I stand proud every single day to wear the uniform; to share with others about who I work for and the job that I do. I have worked hard, overcoming many life challenges, to be where I am today. As I continue my career and seek future opportunities within the District, I can’t imagine any place I’d rather be than with my RTD family.

Walter Palmgren
Walter Palmgren

Intrigued, we asked him more questions:

What did you start out doing at RTD?
Bus Operator

You said you love working for RTD. What do you love about it?
Being able to provide service to others. The career opportunities within the District. The camaraderie among my coworkers. I have the chance, as an instructor, to help coworkers be the best they can be; to inspire my peers and help bring out their best.

Why should other people come to work for RTD?
The vast career opportunities available. The ability to do a job that helps benefit others each and every day.

Anything else you’d like to add that I’ve missed?
I am dedicated to ensuring safety of myself and others and take advantage of any opportunities that arise to help educate others about transit safety, especially around trains. I am proud to be part of the RTD family and to be of service to my community.