ADA Hero Awards

Despite COVID-19, the ADA Hero Awards must go on. The Civil Rights Division’s ADA Office, along with RTD’s Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities, honored operators and a transit police officer in a Microsoft Teams meeting last month for their gallant service in the first two quarters of this year. These excellent employees were awarded for going above the call of duty to help out RTD passengers with disabilities. Let’s commend them all for their wonderful customer service!

David Tadevosyan (Now a Commuter Rail Operator)

“I was driving by in my car and saw a bus driver helping up a disabled homeless woman who had fallen due to getting blown over by the wind. He walked her to the shelter and helped her sit down. Not only is this good customer service, but it shows the driver has empathy and willingness to help people in need.”

David Tadevosyan
David Tadevosyan

Richard Foust (Transit Police)

“I'm Tom and I work at the Denver Commission for the Blind, and on MLK Day there was a parade going on downtown. There were a lot of us from the center that went down. We just wanted to thank a security officer by the name of Richard. He helped us get across the streets safely as we can't see. There were a lot of cars going through and we just wanted to say thank you for helping us.”

Richard Foust
Richard Foust, center

Troy Norris (Bus Operator)

“Today I saw the bus driver go above and beyond his call of duty. I saw the male bus driver help an elderly man that was using a walker. The bus driver helped the man as he got off the bus. Then walked him to the cross walk and then the bus driver walked him across the street. This was very kind and this bus driver deserves to be recognized.”

(no photo)

Josefina Olivas (Bus Operator)

“I would love to commend an unsung hero who I believed may have well saved a passenger's life. I am not 100% sure about the date and time, but I remember it was on a westbound 15L bus. On this trip, a man whom I had noticed on his phone earlier suddenly collapsed. I didn’t quite notice at first what was going on, but then another passenger said the man was having a seizure. The man had collapsed in the middle of the aisle on his side. One of the passengers alerted the bus driver (whom I only know as "Ms. JoJo" ) who then promptly pulled the bus over to check on the gentleman. I swear I will never forget that moment, for as she rushed to check on the man I could literally see the utter COMPASSION in her face! And her reaction was so SWIFT and PROFESSIONAL! I wish I could have helped, yet as I left that bus to board another, I KNEW in my heart that he was in great hands. She is a saint, single mother, and A HUMBLE HERO.

Ms. JoJo

Wondu Absu (Bus Operator)

“I am calling about a driver with wonderful compassion and problem-solving skills. An elderly rider in a wheelchair boarded with difficulty but with assistance from the driver. Once already strapped in by driver, the rider stated he needed to get off on a stop that the 15L does not stop at. The rider mistook this bus for the regular 15, as it was a short bus, and was upset by this turn of events. The driver stated he would help and told the rider to stay on our bus. After a few stops, the driver saw the regular 15 behind us, and put on his flashers to get that bus to stop and wait. He ran out of the bus into the blistering cold and waved his arms so the other driver would not leave, then explained to the other driver the situation, asked that bus to wait for the rider. He came back, physically helped the rider get off our bus and onto the correct bus. I ride daily and I have never before witnessed such care and excellent customer service and problem solving. Wondu went above and beyond! Please tell his supervisor!"

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