Bus changes affected by the G Line opening go into effect with RTD's regular August service changes on Sunday, Aug. 25

DENVER (Aug. 7, 2019) – The Regional Transportation District (RTD) will implement its August service changes on Sunday, Aug. 25. Because of the opening of the G Line, some bus routes will be discontinued or deviated starting on Aug. 25 as well.

RTD service changes are applied three times per year to improve the overall quality and efficiency of the agency’s system. These changes update service for passengers and enable better connections with bus, rail and specialty services across communities.

August service changes will include: 

Bus routes along the G Line that have been discontinued or deviated:

Local Routes: 
06100L120135139206225/225D/225E228DASHSKIPSTAMPEDEBroomfield FlexRideGolden FlexRidePlatte Valley FlexRideSuperior FlexRide

Regional Routes:
E LineF LineR LineW Line

RTD started enforcing parking fees at the Park-n-Rides along the G Line on Aug. 1. It’s free for in-District residents for the first 24-hour period every day. For parking that extends beyond the first 24 hours, a $2 daily fee applies. If your vehicle is registered out of district, a $4 daily fee applies. You must pay before getting on the bus or train. Click here to find out if you are in the District.

Further information about the service changes, descriptions and new schedules is available online. The RTD Trip Planner offers passengers real-time information, expanded trip-planning options and enhanced trip accuracy.

The Regional Transportation District celebrates 50 years of service this year. The agency develops, operates and maintains a public transportation system that meets the transit needs of close to 3 million people within an eight-county service area in the Denver Metro region. RTD’s buses, rail lines, shuttles and additional services provide approximately 100 million annual passenger trips. For more information, visit rtd-denver.com, call 303-299-6000 and follow along on social media: www.facebook.com/RideRTD@RideRTD on Twitter, @ridertd on Instagram and rideRTDco on YouTube.