Bus shuttle service offered Thursday during annual B Line emergency preparedness exercise

RTD and concessionaire Denver Transit Operators (DTO) will conduct a joint emergency preparedness exercise on the commuter rail line to Westminster, the B Line, for just over three hours on Thursday.

B Line service will be suspended during the simulation, beginning at 10:45 a.m. and lasting until 2 p.m. Bus shuttles will serve the B Line between the Westminster and Pecos Junction stations. Customers can take the G Line between Union Station and Pecos Junction Station. Regular service on the B Line will be restored when the exercise concludes.

During the simulation:

  • B Line customers traveling to Westminster Station can board the G Line at Union Station or at 41st•Fox Station. Customers continuing to Westminster Station will need to transfer to a bus shuttle at Pecos Junction Station, Gate A.
  • B Line customers traveling to Union Station from Westminster Station will need to board a bus shuttle at Gate A and transfer to the G Line at Pecos Junction Station.

The emergency preparedness drill is conducted annually to ensure the safety of RTD’s customers and the public. The exercise provides rail operations personnel, local law enforcement agencies and emergency responders with an opportunity to review emergency protocols and demonstrate successful response procedures.

Per federal mandate, a mask is required while riding on or waiting for RTD vehicles, including while outside on agency property.