Fact Sheet: Addition of B Line Stops

Fact Sheet / Addition of B Line Stops
UPDATED April 8, 2019

How will the opening of the G Line affect operation of the B Line?

  • The B Line to Westminster, which opened in July 2016, has had two stops, both end-of-line: Union Station and Westminster.
  • The B and G Lines share track passing through the 41st & Fox and Pecos Junction stations, which to this point have been part of the G Line.
  • While the operational plan with RTD commuter rail concessionaire Denver Transit Partners (DTP) didn’t show the B Line stopping at those stations, the public asked RTD for that to happen. RTD looked into the feasibility of this request and determined the B Line could stop at these two stations.
  • When the G Line opens on April 26, the B Line will begin stopping at both stations, adding an additional three minutes of travel time to the B Line. Total end-to-end travel time on the B Line will be about 15 minutes.
  • The B Line will continue to operate at 30-minute frequency during morning and afternoon peak hours, and at one-hour frequency at other times during the operating day.
  • Passengers should pay attention to destination signs and which train they are boarding.
  • Until the G Line opens, the B Line will stop at the 41st & Fox and Pecos Junction stations but not pick up passengers. Passengers should not try to board or exit the B Line train at the 41st & Fox or Pecos Junction stations until the G Line opens.

How can the public stay safe near a train line?

  • Don't be distracted – Avoid using headphones or cell phones while around trains and tracks.
  • Always follow safety signage and obey warning devices such as flashing red lights and gate arms.
  • Stop and wait for crossing gates to fully rise before crossing the tracks.
  • Always look both ways before crossing the track, as trains can travel from either direction at any time.
  • Never trespass on any train track – it's illegal and dangerous.
  • Gate attendants may be present at crossings at any time as a safety precaution, such as when routine maintenance or repairs occur. Be prepared to follow their instructions.