FRA Grants Key Approvals Towards Opening of the G Line

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) has reached a major milestone toward opening the G Line for public service with two key approvals today from federal regulators.

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) approved revenue service demonstration of the commuter rail line to Wheat Ridge, Arvada and Adams County, as well as adding the G Line to an existing long-term waiver for the University of Colorado A Line and B Line. Revenue service demonstration is an important step in the certification process for Positive Train Control and is how the FRA determines if trains are operating in a test environment or if they are operating in a live, public service environment. These approvals represent substantial landmarks in the approval process, which includes several additional steps at both the federal and state levels.

“Today’s news represents huge milestones, and I credit all of the collaborative work with our partners that has made it possible,” said RTD CEO and General Manager Dave Genova. “We remain committed to meeting the requirements of our regulators and will continue working closely with them, as well as keeping the public involved at every turn.”

RTD will continue to pursue necessary steps to implement quiet zones along the 11.2-mile line. Crossing attendants also must remain along the G Line as RTD and concessionaire Denver Transit Partners (DTP) work through items outlined in a plan submitted to FRA late last year.