‘I wear my uniform with pride’


You can take the girl out of Texas – but you can’t take Texas out of the girl. Meet Beckie Bailey, a bespectacled parts clerk based out of RTD’s District Shops division who embodies all of the sunshine of her native Lone Star State.

Bailey, known as “Grammy” to her two granddaughters, moved to Denver six years ago to be closer to her sister. This meant leaving behind all of the people, food and culture she loved back home. She was initially interested in inventory control work when she first arrived here because it was similar to what she had been doing back in New Braunfels. Instead, she found a different role that was a better fit at RTD.

“People often ask if I’m a bus driver when they see me in my uniform,” Bailey said. “I tell them that I’m a parts clerk, and I’m part of the process that gets the bus on the road. 

“I wear my uniform with pride.”

To Bailey, the best parts of her day are when she interacts with her RTD colleagues. She gifted signout clerk Adina Foster a T-shirt she designed as an early birthday present. Bailey views employees in different departments as her customers, and she deems the most satisfying part of her job helping others do what they need to do. When Bailey’s peers come to her to request a part, she’ll help them find it even if they don’t know exactly what they need.

“You have to be very knowledgeable about systems to be a parts clerk,” Bailey said. “I have three questions I ask if you don’t know what you need: What does it look like, what does it do and where is it on the bus. If you ask for a thingamajig or doohickey, I will help you get what you need to fix your bus.”

Getting to know “her people” – the mechanics – is also important to Bailey because it strengthens relationships and helps her work with them better.

“I’ve met the most amazing people here,” she said. “The camaraderie is what stands out to me the most. People really come together when something happens to someone we work with. Maybe they’ve gotten cancer or are sick. We have the opportunity to help them by donating vacation and sick time, and people do it. They want to help.”

Bailey’s blue eyes shine through her glasses as she asks if she can have her picture taken with Ben McCleave, a unit shop technician at District Shops. Just as she’s part of the chain in getting buses on the road, so is McCleave. He is one of her people.

Beside her work, Bailey loves her gray hair, creating art and cooking masterpieces in her Instant Pot that she and her husband, Jim, can enjoy. She looks through her signature glasses and declares: “You need to find joy in what you do every day.”