Local Artist Works with Swansea Elementary School Students to Create N Line Artwork


The Regional Transportation District has formed a unique collaboration with Swansea Elementary School and one of Denver’s master street artists to create artwork unique to the historical neighborhood surrounding the 48 & Brighton National Western Center Station.

Through a two-day workshop format held at Swansea Elementary Wednesday and Thursday, artist Bimmer Torres engaged with fifth grade students to draw out their ideas about their neighborhood and what in the local community is important to them. The students first wrote keywords such as animals, houses and bicycles. They then drew the pictures from the keywords and shared them with Torres. He will return tomorrow to build off of what was done today. From there, he will compile those ideas to design four “artwork wraps” on the N Line’s relay/signal/communications houses. 

The art wraps are intended to reflect the neighborhoods surrounding RTD stations. As with the Swansea art wrap project, RTD and the artists solicit local input on art at the stations. The wraps also serve as an effective deterrent to vandalism and graffiti.

Artwork, as part of RTD’s Art-n-Transit program, is planned for each of the six stations along the N Line north of Union Station. Commerce City, Northglenn and Thornton are managing the process of procuring art at the stations in their cities. 

To see more artwork by Torres, click here