Maintenance project requires bus shuttle service on N line

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) will be conducting maintenance at the following location. RTD will provide bus shuttles during the service outage and is asking customers to schedule extra time in their trips to avoid delays.

N Line:

  • May 18, from midnight until noon: Maintenance work will address the continuous ringing of the pedestrian bells at the Eastlake•124th Station. This work will be done during the morning service hours rather than after hours over several days

Below are the gate assignments for shuttles for the N Line service disruption:

  • Original Thornton•88th Station: Gate C
  • Thornton Crossroads•104th Station: Gate E
  • Northglenn•112th Station: Gate C
  • Eastlake•124th Station: Gate C

Customers can plan their trip by using apps, the RTD trip planner or signing up for rider alerts