Meet Mike Miles

Mike has been an Access-a-Ride driver with our contractor, VIA Mobility Services, since Jan. 17, 2011. He enjoys his job and the opportunity to help others. Previously, Mike owned his own concrete flatwork company, working on sidewalks, driveways and floors. Due to a downturn in the economy, he sold the business and moved to Missouri. He then worked as a supervisor in the same industry.

Soon after, Mike returned to Colorado and became a truck driver. After driving for a while, he decided that he wanted a job that allowed him to be home with his family every night. While at the grocery store with his wife, Mike noticed a help wanted sign on the back of a VIA bus. “I can drive trucks, so I can drive that,” he recalled thinking. Mike called and was hired, and the rest is history.

Mike is a devoted father to four kids: an elder son in the Navy, a younger son who is a custom diesel mechanic, an elder daughter who is a mother, and a younger daughter who is a special needs child and is graduating from high school.

Mike Miles by Access-a-Ride vehicle