N Line Testing Update

Through September 20, testing hours will take place up to 20 hours a day from 4 a.m. to midnight. 

The project continues to make great progress. We have already removed flaggers from the at-grade crossings at Steele Street and Thornton Parkway. After Friday, Sept. 4, we will no longer have crossing attendants on duty at the grade crossings for 124th, 112th and 100th avenues. Crossing attendants will still be in place at 72nd Avenue as an additional precaution.  

Train horns are required to sound at all at-grade intersections during testing of the N Line. Until quiet zones are established, the use of train horns and other safety measures is important to make drivers and pedestrians aware of the presence of trains. 

RTD expects quiet zones to be in place when the N Line opens for service. It is important to note that quiet zones aren’t always quiet. Train operators maintain the discretion to use train horns under circumstances requiring additional safety precautions. If there are questions or concerns about train horn usage, residents may contact RTD Customer Care at 303-299-6000.   As a safety reminder, please STOP, LOOK and LISTEN when you’re around buses, trains, tracks and crossings. 

For the latest information, visit RTD’s N Line webpage and social media platforms.

N Line traveling through Commerce City