New and Updated Policies during COVID-19 Pandemic

The time frame in which customers can book rides has been limited. Typically, riders can schedule Access-a-Ride trips up to five days in advance and Access-a-Cab on the same day of travel. Subscription service has likewise been postponed for all customer accounts. Access-a-Cab remains a same-day service.

  • Access-a-Ride has a mandatory face mask rule. Passengers are required to wear a face covering at all times while on Access-a-Ride vehicles. This requirement followsa statewide mask order and comes out of equal concern and respect for the personal health and safety of all of our passengers and operators. We also ask that all customers also wear face coverings at all times while riding in Access-a-Cab vehicles.
  • Access-a-Ride free fares have ended. Beginning Wednesday, July 1, customers have been asked to pay with a ticket or cash when riding on Access-a-Ride.
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