Next steps for Reimagine RTD

RTD concluded the comment period for the draft System Optimization Plan (SOP) on March 9. The draft SOP includes recommendations for service redesign and development through 2027. The plan will guide RTD as it works to adapt to challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic and changes in commuting behavior. 

The goals of the draft SOP include: 

  • Increasing ridership on RTD services
  • Ensuring that equity populations continue to be well served by transit 
  • Increasing service performance across bus and rail routes 
  • Addressing changing demands in the travel market 
  • Improving RTD’s quality of service  

The SOP is one of two components of the multi-year Reimagine RTD project. The second area of focus is the Mobility Plan for the Future, which will consider long-term strategies for the agency through the year 2050

During the Reimagine RTD project, RTD and its consultants hosted 36 community discussions to determine the main features of the SOP and to highlight the change and goals of the draft SOP. As part of the final phase of development for the draft SOP, members of the public submitted over 1,600 comments and ideas for improving bus, rail, and paratransit services across the district. The RTD team will review the feedback and use it to enhance the draft SOP before it is presented to the RTD Board of Directors.

Prior to implementation, all changes will go through RTD’s Service Changes public meeting process.  During this process, RTD presents proposed changes to the public and collects feedback before submitting the final proposed route configurations and service frequencies to the RTD Board of Directors for approval. These changes go into effect three times per year in January, May, and September. 

RTD anticipates that route changes outlined in the SOP will occur as resources allow. These changes rely heavily on the availability of operators, mechanics and other support staff for implementation. A new contract between the ATU 1001 and RTD has recently been authorized and is anticipated to boost recruitment efforts over the next few years.  

The SOP recommendations are planned for implementation over the next five years, RTD expects there will be adjustments stemming from changing availability of resources, travel needs and from customer comments via the service change process. To learn more about the Service Changes process, and to sign-up for notifications, visit: