North Metro Rail Line Enters Next Phase of Testing

Commuter trains begin operating under power; train horns will sound

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) and its contractor, Regional Rail Partners (RRP), begin testing commuter rail trains under power along the North Metro Rail Line between Denver Union Station (DUS) and end of line Eastlake-124th Station.

Train testing will take place Monday through Friday, and an occasional Saturday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. As part of the testing process, crossing attendants will be standing by all at-grade crossings (Steele St., Thornton Pkwy., 100th, 112th, and 124th) as the train passes across the intersection.

Train horns are required to sound at these at-grade intersections during testing of this commuter line, to be called N Line, when it opens. Until quiet zones have been established, the use of train horns and other safety measures are important to make drivers and pedestrians aware of train movements.

“The testing process, referred to as systems integrated testing, evaluates all the elements to verify that the construction produced a safe and reliable operating rail line.” said Chuck Culig, RTD North Metro Rail Line project manager.

Safety is RTD’s core value and the agency reminds the public that they are RTD’s partners in safety. The public is asked to abide by all safety signage, and not attempt to access construction areas at stations and other locations along the tracks.

It is important for everyone to remember these safety tips:

  • Never trespass on any train track – it is illegal and dangerous.
  • Cross the tracks only at designated crossings, always follow safety signs and obey warning devices such as flashing red lights and gate arms.
  • Stay alert and look both ways for a train — you may not hear them coming.
  • Never trespass onto construction sites and stay off the train station platforms until they are open to the public.

The North Metro Rail Line is an 18.5-mile electrified commuter rail line, with 13 miles currently funded and under construction from Denver Union Station to Eastlake-124th Station in Thornton. It will connect Denver and Adams County by serving Commerce City, Northglenn and Thornton, and is part of the FasTracks program.

Additional questions about this project can be directed to Lisa Trujillo, manager of project outreach, at 303-299-2673 or [email protected]