Oh the places you can go without ever leaving home


Just a few weeks ago, you might have taken Route 32 to the zoo, the C Line to the Pepsi Center, the G to Olde Town Arvada, or Route 6 to your favorite date night spot. These are just some of the fun ways RTD traditionally connects people and communities. But how quickly times have changed.

Now, in this necessary time of social distancing, of stay at home, we want to remind you that distance doesn’t have to mean disconnection. It just means that we need to find different ways to stay connected to each other and to the world around you.

Just because you can’t (and shouldn’t) take a bus or train to your favorite places right now, you can still be part of the action. And that’s where we come in. RTD is all about connecting people, bringing communities together, and we always will be. And now, we’ll connect you to some of the destinations you can still visit from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Our new social media series will feature some of the fun and exciting things you can do online to enjoy experiences, stay connected, and support your local community. From virtual art classes and exhibits to restaurant delivery services, streaming concerts and projects for kids, there’s still a lot to do in the metro Denver area–without ever having to leave your couch.

For the duration of this pandemic, and beyond, we’ll highlight as many online activities and virtual destinations as we can, both ones that we pick and ones sent in by the people we serve.

And when we’re all safe, and our metro area is once again mobile, we’ll be happy to actually take you to all those places and more for real on our buses and trains, so that you can experience them in person all over again. As an essential service, of course, we remain committed to everyone we serve and we’re here right now to take you to the grocery store, doctor’s office, or to work if you need access to those essential real-world destinations.

If you want to help us support our local communities, please use hashtag #doingmypartCO #StayOnTrack.

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