With Rail Safety Week, RTD reminds the public that everyone plays a role

Safety is a core value at RTD, carried by all who work for our agency and shown toward every person we serve. Unfortunately, despite this fact, accidents and near-misses occur almost daily on our rail system.

When it comes to rail safety, RTD is not alone in this challenge. Over the last decade, approximately 20,000 Americans have been killed or seriously injured because of unsafe behavior around railroads. Nearly 95 percent of such incidents involve vehicles or people being struck by trains.


To address this important issue, RTD is partnering with several organizations – including Operation Lifesaver and Amtrak – for national Rail Safety Week (Sept. 22-28) to increase awareness about the need for safety near our tracks and trains. RTD has planned the following activities for the week, which starts Monday:

  • Operation Clear Track, involving more than 500 public safety departments across the country, is the single largest rail safety law enforcement operation of its kind. On Tuesday (Sept. 24), RTD transit police will work with local jurisdictions to enforce grade crossing and trespassing laws in Arvada, Aurora and Denver.
  • On Wednesday (Sept. 25) – the first “If You See Something, Say Something” national awareness day – RTD transit police and security officers will promote the importance of reporting suspicious activities through RTD’s Transit Watch program. We encourage the broader community to learn to recognize the signs of terrorism-related activity and immediately report concerns through the RTD Transit Watch app or by calling 911.
  • All week, RTD will be calling attention to near misses – a far too common occurrence on our rail system. Train operators and other RTD employees who experience or witness a near miss can be affected mentally and emotionally for the rest of their lives. Watch our video being released Monday to learn about the lasting impact near misses have. This startling video aims to spur conversation around safe choices and distractions.

Today and every day, RTD invites you to join the effort to stop tragedies on train tracks. Together, we can make our rail system safer for all who depend on it.