As RTD considers a temporary reduction in service, your voice matters

Every day of the year, thousands of dedicated RTD employees take the wheel of buses and trains across the region, delivering thousands and thousands of you where you need to go – to work, to school, to doctor’s appointments, to all the places you need to access to live your lives. You tell us often how these operators have become an integral part of your day.

Our employees are proud of the service they provide. When they apply to work for RTD, they tell us that they enjoy driving, they desire to help the public and they look favorably on the agency’s stability, pay and benefits. 

What has become painfully clear in recent months is that RTD is not delivering the level of service that we expect to provide you – and that you expect to receive from us. 

RTD, like transit operators around the world, is struggling to retain our drivers. Because we don’t have enough staff to operate our scheduled service, many of our employees have been required to work six-day weeks for the past four years, affecting their quality of life. While RTD continues to provide a high overall level of service, we are dropping service across our system even with operator mandates in place to work these long weeks. We know that what matters to each of you is when you can expect your bus or your train.

As RTD considers a proposal to temporarily reduce service in response to our continuing labor issues, we want to know what you think. Through Nov. 17, RTD will be seeking input from the communities we serve. We’d like to hear your thoughts about our current level of service and the possibility of a service reduction. Please watch the video on this page and click here to complete a short survey. You can also share your feedback through RTD’s social media platforms or by attending a telephone town hall meeting at 6:30 p.m. Nov. 6 with RTD General Manager and CEO Dave Genova. In addition, RTD staff will be at stations across our system in the coming days to hear from you in person. 

Your voice matters in this important process. The heart of RTD’s work is its people: our family of employees, our riders and the residents of the Denver metro region. We know that uncertainty around our service doesn’t work. Little time away from work doesn’t work. Please take a moment to tell us what does work for you, so RTD can better meet your needs. Your engagement will help your Regional Transportation District serve you better. Thank you.

Learn more about Your Voice Matters here.