RTD Filming Policy Clarification

RTD would like to clear up what has been a misunderstanding of RTD’s updated Filming Policy as it relates to the media filming on RTD property, which was shared with media outlets yesterday. RTD apologizes for the misunderstanding that has occurred regarding RTD’s intent with the policy. Here is some additional context.

RTD staff collaborated for two years to update this policy and the procedures for implementing the policy. It is common for not only transit agencies, but other public sector agencies, to have a filming policy to establish guidelines to manage filming requests for professional, commercial, non-commercial, academic and news media purposes.

The updated RTD Filming Policy includes a section to preserve the media’s access to filming on RTD property, but with guidelines. The reference to the certificates of insurance requirement does not apply to general day-to-day news media requests – only if an outlet is planning a longer-term, comprehensive project with a broader scope.

RTD has no intent to restrict news media access to RTD properties, but will continue to work with the media as the media relations staff has for many years to ensure that the media are able to capture the images and interviews necessary to help tell their stories. RTD asks that media continue to notify the Communications staff in advance so that internal coordination can be made with necessary staff of media presence.

RTD considers the media among the agency’s key stakeholders to help communicate RTD information with the public. RTD Communications look forward to continuing positive working relationships with the media moving forward, and, again, apologies for this misunderstanding.