RTD is hiring: Job opportunities will help foster the road to recovery

DENVER (March 31, 2021) -- With a focus on regional recovery, the Regional Transportation District (RTD) is hiring bus and rail operators and mechanics. While ridership is still down 60%, RTD is keeping an eye to the future and building back transit. As businesses start opening up, more workers return to the office and an increased number of people become vaccinated, more people are expected to ride public transportation again. 

“As the region starts to recover, RTD wants to be ready,” said Michael Ford, RTD’s chief operating officer. “Prior to the pandemic, RTD suffered operator shortages on both the bus and the rail side, and we want to avoid that situation and be prepared for what we anticipate will be an influx of customers.” 

RTD wants to be ready when customers start to hop back on board. According to a study by LaSalle Network, a staffing, recruiting and culture firm, 70% of the more than 350 CEOs, COOs and human resources and finance leaders they surveyed said they plan to have employees back in the office by fall 2021. The Downtown Denver Partnership, in its most recent pandemic-related economic impact update, reported that it is starting to see a sustained, consistent increase of visits to workplaces.  

Impacts of the pandemic forced RTD to reduce its workforce, but after learning in early 2021 it would have access to federal funding assistance through the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSAA), the agency rescinded layoffs of operators and mechanics following the intent of the funding. Those staff have helped the agency accommodate the capacity limits on buses and trains due to social distancing requirements. As customers return to RTD’s buses, trains and special services, the agency is steadily hiring operators so that there will be enough employees to allow for more service and adequate social distancing. 

“To maintain social distancing, two or three times as many buses and operators are needed to carry the same number of customers that previously required one vehicle and one operator,” Ford said. 

RTD offers many benefits and growth opportunities to its employees and is an excellent place for people who want to serve their community. To learn more about positions available for bus operators and mechanics, visit the Careers page on RTD’s website.