RTD N Line opening in September could bring changes to bus service

As RTD prepares to open the highly anticipated N Line commuter rail on Sept. 21, serving Denver, Commerce City, Northglenn and Thornton, it is doing so under COVID 19 protocols.

Public meetings on a proposed North Metro corridor service plan were conducted in August 2019, and the plan was revised based on public input. 

On Tuesday, RTD staff presented the revised plan for N Line bus and rail service to the RTD Board of Directors at the Operations & Customer Service Committee meeting. The revised 2019 service plan was approved by the committee with no changes and the final plan will go to a vote of the full RTD board on July 21.

The recent pandemic has compelled RTD to revisit bus and rail service throughout the District, including North Metro transit. RTD staff provided updates to N Line rail and related bus service plans as a result of the pandemic which include:

  • Delay of proposed 20-minute frequency on the N Line during peak periods; instead the line will have 30-minute frequency at all times.
  • Daily and weekend run times on weekend schedules (bus Saturday/rail Sunday).

Chief Operating Officer Michael Ford told the Board, “These are updates related to the COVID situation. We continue to be flexible and nimble to provide service and make adjustments as needed.” 

The updated COVID-19 service will continue to be effect when the N Line opens for service on Sept. 21.

When the N Line opens it will provide a vital connection between the north metro suburbs and downtown Denver and other areas of the region with connection at Union Station. For additional information regarding the N Line, including safety, fares, and how to ride, visit RTD’s home page, N Line page and social media platforms. 

N Line traveling through Commerce City
A test train travels along the N Line alignment north of downtown Denver.