RTD resumes fare collection, front-door boarding today

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) reminds the public that it resumes fare collection and front-door boarding on all buses today.

RTD suspended fare collection and instituted rear-door boarding on April 5, to enhance safety across the system and provide for distance between operators and the public. These and other operational changes were made based on emerging COVID-19 conditions and the potential for transmission of the disease to operators.

Riders boarding the RTD system today will be asked to pay with a ticket, pass or cash. Mobile tickets are available for purchase on all three platforms where RTD tickets are available: the agency’s Mobile Tickets app, the Uber app and the Transit app. These contactless payment options can help with safety by lessening contact with the farebox on vehicles. For full details about discount fares available to those who qualify, visit the RTD website.

Passengers are required to wear face coverings when riding transit and asked to practice social distancing while riding or waiting to board vehicles. The agency also requests that the public use judgment in deciding whether to board its buses and trains, depending upon the number of passengers already on them. Staff will continue to monitor service to meet community needs. Frequency on some routes has increased in response to demand.

To learn more about all that RTD is doing to get our region moving again, visit rtd-denver.com/region-moving.