RTD seeking feedback about proposed revisions to its Customer Code of Conduct

Customer riding

RTD is seeking community feedback about proposed revisions and amendments to its current Customer Code of Conduct. The list of prohibited activities and antisocial behaviors was recently amended by RTD to emphasize respect for other customers and RTD’s employees, vehicles and facilities.

Following a months-long internal review process of RTD’s current Code of Conduct, staff identified and proposed amendments to better support a safe, convenient and enjoyable experience for all customers. The recommended changes, which are now being shared for community feedback during a two-month process, shorten the current list of prohibited, antisocial behaviors to outline expectations more effectively.

RTD is rebranding its Code of Conduct as “Respect the Ride” in an effort to emphasize individual ownership for personal behaviors and the need for common courtesy.

“Respect the Ride focuses on supporting a welcoming and enjoyable transit experience for all customers,” said Debra A. Johnson, RTD’s General Manager and CEO. “RTD is committed to making lives better through connections, whether that is connecting a customer with their destination or the meaningful connections that happen with others. To support all types of connections in a positive way, RTD is simply asking its customers to follow a set of behavioral guidelines.”

Prior to the proposed amendments being considered for adoption by RTD’s Board of Directors during its June meeting cycle, the agency is seeking community feedback, input and comments. Today, RTD launched a website to outline the proposed amendments and solicit input through an online feedback form. All members of the Denver metropolitan community are invited to visit the website, read the proposed amendments and share feedback. The website is rtd-denver.com/RespectTheRide, and all feedback received will be shared with the Board.

In addition to collecting online feedback, RTD will participate in community events and outreach opportunities to engage community partners, answer questions, correct misinformation and address customer concerns.

RTD first implemented its Code of Conduct in 2016, and the list of prohibited activities was last amended in 2020.