RTD seeks feedback on Reimagine RTD’s draft System Optimization Plan

The route-by-route guide will inform service development through 2027

The Regional Transportation District (RTD)  has released its draft System Optimization Plan (SOP) for public review and input as part of the Reimagine RTD project.  The SOP includes recommendations for service redesign and serves as a route-by-route guide for service development between late 2022 and 2027. Comments on the plan are due by Feb. 9 and will be included the final SOP.  

“RTD embarked on the Reimagine RTD project in 2019 to work with regional partners and collect data to identify challenges and opportunities to optimize service delivery within existing resources,” General Manager and CEO Debra A. Johnson said. “Recognizing on-going COVID-19 impacts, the agency will use the recommendations to inform the service redesign process, including tactics to be implemented for long-term sustainability and develop tactics garnered from customers and agency partners.” 

The draft SOP was developed with the goal of reversing and mitigating ridership loss trends​, improving service performance​, ensuring fiscal sustainability​, addressing changing demands​, as well as aiding the agency to remain competitive and improve service quality. Along with tactics for optimizing routes, the plan includes several recommendations for the entire system that supports these routes. 

RTD is planning to formally adopt the SOP in March 2022, with the understanding that full implementation may not be possible until 2027 due to financial constraints and workforce limitations.   

Implementation of the SOP will be integrated into RTD’s existing service change process which includes additional opportunity for customers and stakeholders to comment on proposed individual route adjustments. Proposed changes go through a process for community notification, public hearings and board approval before being finalized. The timing will also allow for consideration of the changing travel landscape affected by the pandemic.  

The public is encouraged to view how their trips may change and provide comments by Feb. 9 through the online mapping tool. For assistance contact [email protected] or 303.489.7792 for information on specific route recommendations.

For more information about Reimagine RTD, please visit the website.