RTD to reopen Denver Union Station bus concourse restrooms Monday, Oct. 17

On Monday, Oct. 17, the restrooms inside the bus concourse at Denver Union Station will reopen. Restrooms will be available for use from 4 a.m. to midnight daily.

To ensure a safe and welcoming transit environment for all customers, RTD is implementing new protocol for bus concourse restroom use:

  • One (1) security officer will be stationed at a desk next to the restrooms
  • Only two (2) people will be allowed to be in the restroom facilities at a time
  • Security staff will badge people into the bathrooms
  • Security staff will conduct periodic checks to make sure customers are not in the restrooms for unintended use
  • If a customer is causing an issue, security staff will ask the person to leave the restroom immediately
  • If a customer refuses to leave, security staff will not allow anyone else in the restroom and call police for trespassing
  • Security staff will stand by to assist when the restrooms are cleaned

Customers can be partners in safety by reporting unsafe conditions and behaviors to Transit Police by calling 303-299-2911 or downloading the RTD Transit Watch app.